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Industrial Sewing Machines

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Brand: NC Carpet Model: Model NC-WBM Portable Binder
BLINDSTITCH PORTABLE CARPET BINDERBobbinless, USA Made, Table Model StrengthThe NC-WBM is a bobbinless blind-stich portable carpet binder for fabricating wide border custom rugs.  It’s perfect for any custom rug installer that wishes to generate magnificent blind-stitch wide borders on site any..
Brand: NC Carpet Model: Model 81500NTP
INDUSTRIAL NETTING SEWING MACHINE- Attaches Rope To Nets" If you're currently employing bobbin-type sewing machines, the 81500NTP is guarnateed to streamline your operation.  At mininum it will triple your production and greatly reduce downtime/part replacement."  - Mal Maher- CEOThe 81500..
Brand: NC Carpet Model: NC6L
30" Long Arm Sewing Machine- 2 Year Ltd. Warranty, NC Flagship Long Arm SewerOur 30" long arm compound walking foot sewing machine is equipped with a custom servo motor workstation, extended reverse lever, big bobbin, 10mm stitch length, high lift, a safety clutch, and is self oiling.  Long arm..
Brand: NC Carpet Model: Model 81200SN
Netting Sewing MachineAttaches tape to netsAttaches tape to windscreensThe 81200SN is employed by workrooms that attach tape to the edge of any net or windscreen.  It’s available in both a single and double needle setup. The 81200SN netting machine is USA Made and built for life.  The ..
Brand: NC Carpet Model: Model 860N
Lightweight Netting Sewing Machine- Sew drawstring bags, Sew Mosquito Nets- Overlocks fine netsThe 860N Netting Machine is specifically designed to sew lightweight nets. It’s ideal for overlocking mosquito nets, sewing drawstring bags, and sewing  safety nets.  The primary advantage of the..
Model: Model NC80800N
Portable Entrance Mat Sewing MachineUSA Made Entrance Mat Sewing Machine This USA Made, portable entrance mat sewing machine attaches rubber nosing reducer to the border of any entrance mat or runner.  It's availble in both portable and table model setups.  The industrial strength and..
Model: Model HS
REVOLUTIONARY HAND-MADE RUG SERGER- Portable & Table Model Setups AvailableThe HS is our all new, revolutionary machine designed to emulate that ‘handmade serge’ look.  It generates a minimal edge border that designers and mills have craved for years.  It’s roughly 1/4 the depth o..
Brand: NC Carpet Model: Model 81200TF
Netting Machine for Serging RopesThe NC 81200TF is capable of 3 applications.  This unit applies a finished serged edge to any weight net, attaches ropes to netting, and can also join nets together.  Its ability to sew the most industrial nets & ropes is only surpassed by its' big brot..
Brand: NC Carpet Model: NC5L
Zig Zag Long Arm Sewing Machine- Straight & Zig Zag Stitch, 2 Year Limited WarrantyThe NC305L / NC5L is the industry's only compound walking foot equipped with a servo motor workstation and sews both a zig zag & straight stitch.  The particular zig zag long arm sewing machine is extra h..
Brand: NC Carpet Model: Model NC1508NH-B
Heavy Duty Walking Foot Carpet Binder- Binding aircraft carpet, auto mats, marine carpet, RV carpetThe NC1508NHB is an extra heavy duty lockstitch, walking foot carpet binder that’s custom set to attach binding tape to auto mats, aircraft, marine, and RV Carpet.  This unit manuevers acute angl..
Brand: NC Carpet Model: NC 300U101B
HIGH SPEED PRODUCTION SEWING MACHINE- 300U Sewing Machine For The FactoryThe NC 300U101B is a heavy duty compound bobbinless needle feed sewing machine.  It is available in both single needle and multi-needle setups.  There's a wide variety of multi-needle gauges.  This factory sewing..
Brand: NC Carpet Model: M-Nosing
Bobbinless Portable Nosing Sewing MachineWeighs only 30 lbs, Easy To Use, & FastThe M-Nosing machine is designed to attach rubber nosing reducer to the perimeter of entrance mats and carpets. It’s fast, lightweight, and bobbinless. The Bobbinless setup allows you to sew 1000’s of feet without ha..
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