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Tools For Cutting Carpet
  • Carpet Cutters For Custom Rugs
  • Hand-held Rug Cutting Tools
  • Cordless, Electric, Air Operated
  • Cut Carpet Faster & With Precision
Brand: Rasor Model: Model Speedcut 2
SPEEDUCT 2The Industry's Most Powerful Hand-held Carpet CutterThe Speedcut 2 is perfect for cutting carpet, vinyl, pad, turf, & leather on the job.  We initially offered this cutter to our Turf & Track Clients.  A few carpet clients tried it and were blown away with its easy of cu..
Brand: NC Carpet Model: Model NC10R Electric cutter
CUT CARPET RUNNERS FASTCUT FULL SIZED AREA RUGS- Walk behind carpet cutterThe NC10R runner cutter is designed to cut custom carpet runners & aircraft carpet runners.  It’s lightweight, easy to use, and requires minimal labor.   This walk behind cutter will streamline any workroom ..
Brand: NC Carpet Model: Model RSWS
ROUND KNIFE CARPET CUTTER- Cuts thick carpet with easeThe USA Made RSWS is the world's only 6" single blade carpet cutter. This portable carpet cutter, cuts even the heaviest carpets with absolute ease. It's mounted on casters therefore able to roll along the floor or can be mounted stationary. This..
Brand: NC Carpet Model: Model: NC360
Cordless Carpet CutterThe NC360 cordless carpet cutting tool cuts light to medium weight carpet.  This handheld portable cutter is a great compliment to any custom rug installer.  It's equipped with a batter charger & push button sharpening stone.  This unit cuts cleanly, recharge..
Model: Model 250
Portable 6 Blade Cove Base CutterCut over 15,000 feet of carpet cove base per dayFREE LTL TRUCKINGThe NC250 is a six blade carpet cutter will streamline your carpet cove base cutting operation.  This  walk behind unit has a cutting throat of 24 inches.  At max capacity the unit will m..
Brand: Rasor Model: Model TT702
Heavy Duty Cordless Carpet Cutter18 volt lithium ion carpet cutter by RasorThe TT702/703 is a heavy duty cordless carpet cutter that’s powered by an 18volt rechargeable battery.  This unit comes equipped with a battery, charger, push button sharpener, & hardened plastic carry case. To date ..
Brand: NC Carpet Model: Model PC2
Electric Carpet Cutting ToolElectric Pad Cutting ToolInitially designed to cut carpet pad, the PC2 cutter also cuts most carpet styles.   This handheld electric carpet cutting tool weighs less than 5 pounds maked precise cuts. Cuts The Portable Carpet Cutter is equipped with a blade, shar..
Brand: NC Carpet Model: Model PNUC
Pneumatic Air Portable Carpet CutterThis pneumatic air driven carpet cutter weighs less than 2 pounds.  The PNUC hand held carpet cutter is able to cut any rug with ease. This unit will not bog down or slow down.  Equipped with a self sharpening blade, the PNUC is so industrial it is curre..
Brand: NC Carpet Model: Model RSWSH
Round Knife Carpet Cutter With Upright Handle- 6" Blade, Fingertip ControlsThe RSWSH will streamline any workroom that cuts area rugs and cuts rug runners.  This walk behind portable carpet cutter is equipped with an upright handle that allows you to cut carpet standing up.  It's USA Made ..
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