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Rug Fringe For Sale

  • 15 Oriental Rug Fringe Styles
  • Colors: Natural, Beige, Black, Brown, Ivory
  • 11 Yards Per Bolt Of Fringe
Brand: NC Carpet Model: Oriental Rug Fringes
Oriental Rug Fringe For SaleGorgeous Oriental Rug Fringe in 5 different Colors: Black, Natural, Beige, Brown, Ivory15 Fringe Styles To Choose From4 Different Knot Styles & Knottless Rug FringeAvailable in 11 yard/10 meter put-ups = 33 Feet3.5” & 5” Fringe Lengths availableWhere to putchase r..
Brand: NC Carpet Model: Oriental Carpet Fringe Chart $20.00
NC offers Rug Fringe for oriental rugs and custom rug fabrication.  15 rug fringe styles and color combinations.  Rug fringe for sale...
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