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Aircraft Interiors Sewing Machines

Brand: NC Carpet Model: Model 81200AIR
Aircraft Carpet Serger NC’s Top Gun for aicraft interiors & Auto Mat Carpet SergerHow to sew aircraft carpet?  The 81200AIR Ultimate Cornering Carpet Serger is custom designed to sew aircraft interiors that encounter difficult inside turns, seat tracks, and radius's.  It’s built o..
Brand: NC Carpet Model: Model: 81200AIR-RFWB
Ultimate Cornering Carpet Serger  Rug Serger For Acute Angles, Inside Turns The USA Made 81200AIR-RFWB carpet serger with tape underlay is designed for all carpet serging workrooms, aircraft interiors, and auto mats.  If you serge area rugs and are looking for a machine to tackle t..
Brand: NC Carpet Model: NC6L
30" Long Arm Sewing Machine- 2 Year Ltd. Warranty, NC Flagship Long Arm SewerOur 30" long arm compound walking foot sewing machine is equipped with a custom servo motor workstation, extended reverse lever, big bobbin, 10mm stitch length, high lift, a safety clutch, and is self oiling.  Long arm..
Brand: NC Carpet Model: Model NC1508NH
Industrial Upholstery Sewing Machine1508 Class Walking Foot Sewing Machine-  2 year limited warranty & fully assembled -  Vertical hook walking foot, Top load-  Reverse lever, Large Bobbin, Self-Oiling-  Foot control knob-  $1000+ less than Juki 1508NH-  Comple..
Brand: NC Carpet Model: NC11L
25” Long Arm Twin Needle Sewing Machine- Various Gauges Available, 2 Year Limited WarrantyThe NC11L double needle, compound walking foot long arm has a 25” inside sewing throat.  It sews parallel stitches for french seams and is available in gauges ranging from 1/8” – 11/2”.   It allo..
Brand: NC Carpet Model: NC11
Twin Needle Upholstery Sewing Machine- Various Gauges Available, 2 Year Limited WarrantyOur heavy duty twin needle upholstery walking foot sewing machine is self-oiling, has a big bobbin, reverse, and high lift. Capable of sewing multi-ply applications, the NC11 is most often employed for seat fabri..
Brand: NC Carpet Model: NC6
Single Needle Upholstery Sewing Machine-  #1 Rated walking foot sewing machine in the world.-  Made in Japan, Fully Assembled , Sewn Off & Tested. The NC6 is the world's #1 rated heavy duty, horizontal axis walking foot sewing machine.  This unit is truly built to last a life..
Brand: NC Carpet Model: NC1508L25 25” Extra H-Duty Long Arm
25" Long Arm Sewing Machine-  Heavy Duty 1508 Sewing Machine Long ArmThe NC1508L25 is an extra heavy duty compound feed 25" walking foot long arm sewing machine.  This 1508 class sewing machine has over two feet of inside sewing area which is ideal for sewing diamonds, seat ..
Brand: NC Carpet Model: Model BAC
Binds Acute Angles, Radiuses, & Inside Turns:- Designed for Aircraft, Auto Mat, Marine & RV applicationsOur Ultimate Cornering model BAC is designed to bind tough inside corners, radiuses, and 180 degree turns with ease.  Made in the USA, this unit is engineered to bind difficult angles..
Brand: NC Carpet Model: SK2019 skiver
SK2019 Leather Skiver- Included: Vacuum system & cutout performed here at the factoryThis high-end leather skiver is designed to skive leather hides, shoes, belts, purses, & most any leather product.  The SK2019 is capable of skiving up to two inches deep into leather goods.  Since..
Brand: NC Carpet Model: Twin Needle Post Bed
Twin Needle Post Bed Sewing Machine- 3/8" Gauge, With Split BarThe NC-Post is a twin needle, vertical axis walking foot sewing machine capable of sewing all upholstery applications.  Setup with a 3/8" gauge, this twin needle post bed sewing machine is perfect for sewing French Seams.  It's..
Brand: NC Carpet Model: Juki 1508N
JUKI 1508N SEWING MACHINEHeavy Duty Walking Foot  - Vertical hook walking foot- Large Bobbin, Self-Oiling- 1 year limited warranty- Complete with servo workstation- 1508 class walking footThe Juki 1508N vertical axis walking foot is capable of sewing the thickest upholstery & multi-ply..
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