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Why Choose NC?

  • Carpet Binding Machine Experts Since 1953
  • NC Machines are built to last a lifetime
  • NC Machines made in the same place they were 60 years ago
  • 24-hour repair service, Same day supply shipping
  • Over 1,500 Custom Rug Edgings for sale
  • Training video with new machines
  • While Others duplicate we originate
  • We don’t sell DIY Kits, nor do we bind or serge
  • No Minimums & No Credit Card Fees 

Did You Know That...

  • Machines that look like NC Machines usually are.
  • We allow others to private label our equipment.
  • NC Machines are equipped with longer lasting parts designed to last a lifetime.
  • NC has the worlds largest supply of tapes, fringes, yarns & supplies in stock & on-line.
  • NC Guarantees 24-hour repair service. Industry average is 14 days.
  • NC is a 4th Generation Family Owned PROUD USA Manufacturer.
  • Original NC Carpet Binding Machines from the 1950's are still in operation today...


“Thank you for all the years of awesome service. All the supplies and products are quality and the repairs stellar. So nice dealing with a knowledgeable and professional staff. Keep up the great service!” - Jason @ Flooring First

“NC has always been very helpful with parts and service of my binding machine. If I have a question about my machine, I can call up and talk right to a technician that knows what he's talking about. Part orders are in my hands within 2 days of when I order them. If I need a machine serviced, it's generally less than a week. Really can't say enough good things about them.” Stephen Chase

“ I've been binding for over 40yrs. Bought my first NC at 18 years old. They are the go-to people for this industry. Thanks for years of great service. “ – Ray Ormerod, Canada

“Our company has been in business since 1900. I can't overstate the importance of well built machines and service you can count on. NC machines are the best and their staff is efficient and knowledgeable.. After 25 years of personally doing business with NC, all I can say is, thank you! All of you are awesome! “ Greg White

Very good people who are experts in building Binding machines. “ - Chris’s Area Rugs

“Our family business has been working with their family business for over 60 years. Excellent quality & service keep us coming back. It takes a company with great people and good integrity to keep a customer that long. “- Manning Brothers

Thank you very much as well Mel!! We appreciate the superior products that we have from NC.

We are looking forward to the NCS Shear’s arrival!! Don @ Arslanian Brothers.

I just want to take a moment to say thank you! I love my new machine, and I sews flawlessly.

Have a great day! David Schmidt

We recently purchase a new NC Carpet Serger Machine and it works great. - John @ Sikorsky

I am absolutely stoked with the Millennium and i actually think it’s one of the best investments we’ve made; should have bought one years ago.

Webber’s Carpet Warehouse

NC Carpet gave me the ability to become successful.

Got the Mil2009 binder and NCS top shear so far.

Great equipment and I can make rugs faster than I want to now. - Brian @ Florcraft

“Your bobbinless portable binder is amazing. I love the machine.

What a difference versus the other guys.” Alberto @ Carpets 4 You

“The website looks great for ordering online, thank you.

This Mil2009 machine is great.” Brian @ FlorCraft


“ You were so right about your machines and even offered to pay the UPS back if we didn’t like it.

I was so skeptical after having tried other brands. I want to let you know that your machines work the best.

We are very satisfied with it over the last year and half and haven’t had an issue. Thank you. “ - James @ Custom Rug –TX


NC Carpet Binding, your Shearing Machine is just awesome! You are a great example of "Quality and Integrity" in business. Bob Kappel Catalyst Carpet


This machine (NC Serger 81200TPWA/B works like a dream!!! Most of the time lol she's old but have no complaints. Rock on!! NC machines for life. Thanks NC Carpet. – Ricki @ Allied Floor Covering


“ I alone have put our machines on thousands of rugs. And they still are about as stout as they can be, NC equip never seems to fail on me.” - Cam @ Duggins


Thanks, great advice and that's the way to go. You’re very helpful and thorough. – Martin @ Sports Line


I just left N-C. Mel took very good care of me. He also knows his stuff inside and out. I am a customer for life.  - Tom @ Metro


This is Roger with Graciela Rutkowski and you sent me a tensioner for my Millennium. Wow!!! What a difference it makes its back to normal. Thank you so much for your help and also sending that piece out to me. You guys are great and I really appreciate it.

“ I just got my first N-C. Thankfully I spoke to them first. I almost made this mistake. I have a friend that did he is regretting it now.” - Jon @ Thompson and Sons Flooring


“My NC PBT is 30 years old and still running strong!!”- James Ghanim


“ I use NC machines exclusively and our quality of work speaks for its self.”- James @ Laws Flaws


“ Love my NC Machines!”- Mike Coluzzi


“ I love ALL my NC equipment! And fabulous customer service! “- Robin @ Robin’s Rug Repair


Got my repair back and the machine screaming along. Thank you so much.- Findlay Trim


The long arm has been working great for us. Thanks for all your help. It’s meant a lot to me and my team.” - Jet Mall


"There's a reason everyone copies NC. You should be proud of that. Starting with my Father to me, nothing has changed with your company. "- Jim @ Herbro


The entire Staff at NC is very helpfu and considerate. The Maintenance DVD on the Binding Machine is so easy to follow and a great help. NC Carpet is helping propel my dreams of Carpet Art into a reality. - Kim Patrick Custom Carpet Carver


I wanted to let you know that the bobbin-less machine is awesome. – Penny @ Bob’s


Your company was great to work with when I bought this machine. My only regret was the used binder I bought from e-bay before I found you guys! My NC Serger was a dream to use. Karen @ Hanil


“ Thanks for sharing this. We appreciate our business relationship with NC-Carpet! Keep up the great work guys. NC is an easy sell for us because we trust the products that you offer are quality products and we also know that you will be able to offer the best customer support out there, hands down!" Rob




“ Oh my God I’ve never seen just a gorgeous, well-built machine. The Mil2009 is incredible.“
- Bill Johnson Interiors


“ I called NC and their competition. Their knowledge and concern for my new business made my decision easy. “ - - James Brown Carpet Services FL


“ We purchased two NCS Shears. 47,000 feet later the blades finally needed sharpening.”
– Paul @ PWV


We have appreciated your efficiency and kind help when I have been in a bind (pardon the pun).
Don Hoy Carpet


We have 3 machines, the one in the pic has bound thousands and thousands of feet and rugs over the years. My green machine just collects dust, it's a piece o crap, never worked right. Nc all day. I will always support any good products in the biz. Plus ur from NJ so it's even better! - Fox Floors“


“It’s been a great ride for all these years. Your machines are the best and so is the customer service. You’re so fast with the repairs all the way across the country and always kept me going. I wanted to thank you guys and let you know.“ - Dean McReynolds


I would just like to thank all the people at NC for allowing me to come to Jersey and see hands on which machine was the best fit for my business. You took the time with me and I was treated like royalty! After receiving my equipment you were there to answer all my questions. You got me going on my way to expanding my services! You are all a great group of people and have top notch customer service!!! Robin @ Robin’s Rug Repair


Just wanted to say that fringed arrived and was just what i needed. Thanks to you and your team for such great service. Paul Beeson Carpets- UK


Just wanted to let you know we received our new N-C PBS binder today. Thanks to your company's professional and thorough preparation of the binder before shipping, we were able to take it from the carton and put it right to work. And boy, did it work! Ran like a charm and did a great job. We couldn't be happier. We pride ourselves on our good service and obviously so do you folks.

All the Best,

Rob & Donna Rumfelt


Hi Mark

The PBT arrived today looks great, tried it out at home on 4” carpet base runs perfect. From what I have seen and tried your PBT is the best. I have 5 other binders national brands. When you have been binding as long as I have you know the good ones when you see and try it.

Thank ever so much;
John Williams Carpet Binding


Good morning Andrea,

Today is my last day at Classic and before I leave I wanted to make sure that I told you how much I appreciate all of your help in the past. You have been so wonderful to work with as I don’t think we have had one wrong order. Thank you for your stellar attitude and I wish you the best of luck!

Courtnie @ Classic


Bought a carpet binder from you in 92’ and still working great. Super machine. - Rob @ Olson Rug


Wow thanks NC...wish all my suppliers worked as fast as you!

Einar – Arctic Trucks Iceland


I am very impressed with the machines. Assembled the machines on Saturday, used the serger. It works great.

Kevin at TOP ACES


Thank you Mal! You're excellent supplier ;).
María Gracia Meza Gonzales
Import Assistant - Incalpaca TPX S.A.


I paid more for my NC’s versus other brands, but it’s worth it in the short term and the long term. Portables & table machines run all day at my shop. Still running after all these years. Made the mistake of buying another unit once. Thanks guys."

Rick at Carpet Binding


We the My Way Carpet & Flooring Team love to use NC Binding for machines, supplies, & service. They are truly unparalleled. The delivery is unbelievably fast. We love you guys and please keep up the great work!"

Sam at My Way


Great machines and better people. We have a long arm upholstery machine NC and both of their ultimate cornering machines. We do aircraft & boat interiors. One of our favorite vendors.

Chad at AIP


Still have their table top serger running from the 60’s. Portable serger we bought about 5 years ago. Have their binders too. The new machines are the same quality which is rare nowadays. Thanks guys.”

Kenny at M&S


NC Carvers are the best we’ve tried. Lightweight and cost the least maintenance wise. Been buying NC for over 25 years. Also get the blades, carver lube, glue, glue guns, supplies too for binding. Long relationship and they always come through for us. Whenever an issue with UPS or a credit, NC has made it right. Quality company and quality tools.“

Ali at Design A Rug


Love the strip cove cutter, beveler, & pnuc. Top of the line stuff. Thanks “

John at Manguso/McFarlands


Just wanted to formally thank you for the free training and getting my start up off the ground. You have helped me more than you know.

Jay at Serge & Bind


The bobbinless TAP puts on our wide borders so nicely. Thanks Mark.”

Kirk at Art Underfoot


I just can’t express how awesome it is to having a vendor to work with like y’all. I rave to my people every time I order from you and try to emulate your customer service in my own business. Thanks to all for making my life easier. You definitely live up to your reputation.

Brad at Epic Flooring


I couldn't be happier with NC service and products. The knowledge behind all their products is top notch. I am the proud owner of a new shearing machine and I use it every day.

Sean at Refined Rug Restoration


You've been great to us, and we appreciate that . I really do appreciate the support that we get over there when I do have to call. Tell your tech. and customer service people that they do great work over there!

Robert- Installer Tools


Dear Mel

Thanks so much for the great lunch yesterday, for your time, and for all the advice. We hope to repeat this visit as we have definitely learnt a lot. The machines we are purchasing we are confident they are what we need, especially thanks to your guidance.

Best regards

Serge- Bull Leather Argentina


Fox Floors

Thanks to NC I can now bevel these def rugs. Ur customer service is #1

Hi Mal,

Thanks so much for getting this all going for us you guys have gone out of your way with this order vary much appreciated. I was wandering if you would get all the tape on the one skid! I made a commitment to my customer so I ordered extra as I don't know the exact quantities of samples we will get. Once again thank you again please express my thanks to all involved packing the skid! I can only imagine what a challenge it was.


Dave Sydney Overlocking- Australia


We, the My Way Carpet and Flooring team love to use N-C Binding for supplies and service! We Used N-C Binding for many years. They are truly unparalleled in the business. Their deliver service is unbelievably fast!!! I ordered material on fri afternoon around 2:30PM and it arrived on sat morning. We love you guys! Keep up the great work!


Just a Thank-you for the prompt service. Yesterday I ordered some binding and thread and less than 24 hours later it is here ground service!! I appreciate the GREAT service.

Thanks again!
Chuck Guest


NC Machines

"Great machines, same day service....just read the prior post and found it funny. If you try and BS these guys, they will be completely rude. They don't take crap and are normal guys. Too funny. If you want real service and incredible machines...nobody better. If you want to be babied and spoon fed, call somebody else

by HarrysCarpet1


Hi Mal,

I have some feedback about the twin needle NC walking foot machine which we found very professional and it was exactly what we needed. First we did some work on some modern chairs which they came really nice. So I am very pleased with it and thank you for all the help provided by you.

thanks and best regards

Malcolm Camilleri
Leather Centre


Hi Mel,

Just an news update, all is now working, did my first off site rugs with the portable serger, very impressed with the maneuverability. We are very pleased with the machine and thank you for the assistance you have given, it was invaluable.

Tony- ACE Carpets


I just can't express how awesome it is having a vendor to work with like y'all.

I rave to the people in my office every time I order from you and try to emulate your customer service in my own business. Thanks for all that you do. It really makes my life easier! You have definitely lived up to your motto each time I've placed an order

Brad Thorson
Epic Flooring


Actually no need, we get them like this all the time. Perfect, thanks Mel. You're the Best!

James J Brown


Yeah I love my portable NC binder. Millions and millions of linear feet bound.

- Fox Floors Ocean, NJ


Some day I hope you get to see my shop and the fleet of NC machines I have. It will make you feel really good about the good deals you make me!

- Jerry Kobers Carpets, OR



“I appreciate your help and the fine machines that you sell. We also have a long arm that we bought from you a years ago and it works great!” Ray @ Ranger Aviation

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